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  FRIDAY, September 10, 2010

  • How nice it was to have a comfortable place to ourselves where we could meet-and-greet our classmates that we haven't seen for awhile. There was plenty of food and everyone seemed to have a fun time.  
  • The classmate many of us didn't recognize at first was Josie McCormick Haile.  
  • Bob Osmon brought his really neat "Letterman Bee" that he had a ZBTHS art student paint. 
  • Check out the Photo Gallery at this site for some pictures.  Any of you that have photos from the reunion... please share them with us here.  You can email them to me or sign-in here and upload them yourself.  pat.johnson38@morrisbb.net 

               SATURDAY September 11, 2010


  • Once the chairs arrived the evening was off and running. 
  • Don Noren did a superb job pulling the whole weekend together 
  • Food was excellent
  • Leo sang beautifully
  • Ken & Sandy had great memories to share.  I'm sure there were a lot more interesting and funny memories from our school days, but after 55 years many of us just can't remember them.  


              SUNDAY September 12, 2010

About 25 of us enjoyed still more eating and talking at the                            In-Laws restaurant and then finally said....enough!
and declared The 55th reunion of the class of 1955 a big SUCCESS.